Maurizio Belli

An expert of Alaskan history and culture, he has travelled extensively in the great Canadian and American north since the 1990s. This wild environment was the setting of his sport endeavors and films, but he also organized tourist trips there.

He visited Yukon, British Columbia and the Brooks Range multiple times between 1993 and now, by bike, canoe and dog sledding. In 1997, alone and with no support, he crossed Alaska for 1100 km to the Bering Sea: that is when he decided to start his TransCanada Alaska Expedition.

With the Alaska 2019 Ski Walking Winter Expedition, he will complete his project.

An all-round sportsman, he was an avid hang glider and, in 1991, was among the first to adventure by mountain bike on high Himalayan passes. A talented skier, he loves ski touring and cycling, practices yoga. He was able to turn sport and adventure into a profession.

He is a consultant in health, sport and wellbeing programs and carried out important tourist projects. With 30 years experience in the fitness sector, he is an instructor specialized in Pilates for which he has founded his Pilates Chalet.

Fulvio Giovannini

As an alpinist he practices all mountain sports.

He started paragliding in the mid 1980s, has performed hundreds of flights over the most beautiful summits of Trentino.

He travelled all around the world to accomplish various mountain expeditions: on Mount Kilimangiaro and Mount Kenya in Africa, Elbrus in Russia, Peak Lenin in Pamir, Ojos de Salado in Argentina and climbed 80 summits of 4000 meters in the Alps.

He participated in the TransCanada Alaska Expedition in Canada and Alaska by mountain bike in 2011 and by canoe in 2014. The Alaska 2019 Ski Walking Winter Expedition is his next challenge: through Alaska in the winter cold.

He is a ski tourer and mountain runner.