The expedition started in August 2018. We are training on two different and complementary programs. The first features aerobic outdoors workout on foot and the second focuses on skis to improve basic fitness and increase athletic training, all adequately supported by a specialized medical team.

Lagorai e translagorai

The Lagorai mountain range and the long-distance trekking of the Translagorai will be the ideal places to prepare and test the materials in preparation for the expedition Alaska 2019 Ski Walking Winter Expedition, for the many similarities between the Lagorai and the territories of Canada and North America:

  • The Lagorai is a natural and pure environment as the great pristine areas of Alaska and the Canadian Yukon;
  • rarely frequented and wild territory;
  • it offers the opportunity to leave for long journeys without finding populated places and points of support;
  • difficult climatic-environmental conditions in the winter months.

<pstyle=”text-align: justify;”>The training schedule includes 4 different types of work in the environment:

  • short sessions lasting 1-2 hours at high intensity;
  • medium – half day trips;
  • long – one-day excursions;
  • trekking – multi-day itineraries with overnight stays in tents or huts;
  • tests driving loads.

The equipment used for the training includes:

  • ski mountaineering skis;
  • snowshoes;
  • tests by pulling the slide and other types of loads;

The tests on materials mainly concern the technical equipment used in the expedition like those made by the University of Trento:

  • Department of Industrial Engineering – Materials section: sled design;
  • Department of Civil, Environmental and Mechanical Engineering: equipment for energy supply during the expedition;

The training sessions and excursions will be identified in relation to meteorological conditions and snow in the following areas:

  • Paneveggio, Rolle and Primiero;
  • Predazzo, Ziano di Fiemme and Canal San Bovo;
  • Cavalese, Molina di Fiemme with il Passo Manghen and Valsugana;
  • Valle dei Mocheni and Altopiano di Pinè;
  • Monte Panarotta, Fravort up to Vetriolo and Levico Terme;

Two-three day training treks:

  • From Passo Rolle to Passo Manghen;
  • FromVetriolo on Monte Panarotta to Passo Manghen;

Pilates will play a key role in our training. Through Pilates, we aim to improve athletic performances by strengthening deep and global muscles.

Pilates training will strengthen the “core”, that is the muscle around the spine, therefore improving core stability and protection, and will greatly benefit the development of strength and the athletic process of pushing the skis. All this is then combined with a correct posture. With Pilates we will also be able to strengthen the muscles of the upper body, that is the arms, the back and the abdomen.

Its support will be fundamental for the success of the expedition. CERISM has been created by the University of Verona and is one of the most advanced sport research institutes in Italy. It will provide medical support for all aspects of functional, physiological and psychological preparation. At the same time, the Center will carry out research mainly directed towards physical and sports activities with particular attention to responses to the natural environment in extraordinary conditions.